Needle Book Tutorial

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Louise went to visit Claire Mackaness from Beautiful Things in Brentwood, Essex.

Claire taught Louise to make this great little Needle Book using our new Needle Book Kit.

You will receive one piece of your chosen patterned fabric and two plain inserts.

First you need to turn your patterned piece right sides facing and pin together. Use two horizontal pins along the open edge to remind you to stop sewing, as you have to leave an opening to turn your fabric.

Align the foot to the edge of your fabric and start sewing from the second pin all the way round to the first.  Remove all of the pins and turn your fabric the right way round.

Press the book cover, now you need to sew around the edge. Align the foot with the edge of your cover and sew all the way round. This seals the gap that you left and gives the book a nice border.

Center the pages of you book and pin on either side, fold in half and press. This gives you a nice line to sew down.

Remove your pins and your book is finished! 

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