Sweet Cone Tutorial

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This sweet cone is quick and easy with our kit. It's ideal for Halloween, Christmas or Birthdays :-)

In your kit you will receive two semi circles of fabric (one stiffened), a rectangular piece for the handle and two buttons.

First get the two semi circle pieces and pin them across the curved edge right sides together.

Sew along the curved edge using the presser foot to keep an even distance from the edge.

Pull the two pieces of fabric flat. Pin and sew along the straight edge leavig a 5cm gap at the end of the non stiffened piece.

Use the gap to turn the whole thing right side out. Then tuck the lining inside. It will naturally sit so that you have a border at the top.

To make the strap fold and press each long edge into the centre. Then fold the whole thing in half along the long edge. Sew along the open long edge to hold it in place.

Sew the handle onto the cone using the buttons to cover the edges.

Your sweet cone is finished! Fill with sweets and enjoy :-)


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